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Charlie Sheen's Rep: Capri Anderson's Claims Are 'Completely False'

Adult film actress Capri Anderson, who was found in Charlie Sheen's NYC hotel bathroom last month after he allegedly lost control, began talking about the incident Monday in an interview with "Good Morning America."

"When I became really uncomfortable, is when he put his hands around my neck," Anderson says of the night she spent in Sheen's Plaza hotel suite. "He started throwing things. He threw a lamp. That was the first thing he picked up and he threw it across the room at me."

The "Two and a Half Men" star's rep, Yale Galanter, is slamming allegations that Sheen ever touched Capri.

"Ms. Capri never made any allegation to the police of any wrongful conduct on the part of Mr. Sheen the night of the incident and she had every opportunity to do so. She also posted on her website that she was "fine" and if you wanted to see more of her, for a price, one could enter the web site," Galanter told "Extra" in a statement.

Galanter added, "A number of news organizations have refused her story for the same reasons. If she pursues legal action, we will defend this vigorously. These allegations against Mr. Sheen are completely false, and are a blatant attempt to cash in on his celebrity."

Anderson and her lawyer plan to file a civil suit against the actor.

"Extra" and PopEater.com want to know -- Do you believe Anderson's accusations against Sheen?