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Denzel Washington: 'I Don't Know a Thing About Women'

Oscar winner Denzel Washington stars in the new action-packed thriller, "Unstoppable" -- and while he's smooth onscreen, he told "Extra's" Lauren Sanchez that he doesn't understand women!

Washington is the father of two girls, but said, "I don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to them. I used to figure you could change them, that you could figure them out," he said about understanding females. "The one thing I absolutely know for sure is that I don't know a thing about women."

Also playing the father of two daughters in "Unstoppable," Denzel plays a strict parent who's trying to save the day.

"Almost everything the stuntman did, I did as well," the actor said of performing his own stunts. "I was like, I'm getting up there once. I'm gonna run across this thing once... Better be ready, have all your cameras ready."

You can catch Denzel in this nail-biter when it hits theaters November 12.