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Kanye to 'Extra': 'Almost Too Much to Talk About'

Hip-hop singer Kanye West is ready to spill the beans -- about his album, film debut and everything that's happened to him in last two years.

Sitting down with "Extra's" AJ Calloway, Kanye explained, "You know I've been through a lot in the last years, and it's like I almost have too much to talk about. Everything that has impacted me is so much bigger than what I can express in one album, one interview, an hour long, 60 minutes whatever it is. You'll never quite understand it."

"You see so many people have their breakdowns," West continued. "That 'Stop putting the camera in my face' point. I had to understand is, you know, instead of saying 'Stop putting that camera in my face,' I just needed to have more awesome stuff on every time you take a shot!"

West's "awesome stuff" would include his new CD, "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy," with cover art so provocative it's been banned by some retailers! The singer didn't mince words on the subject. "I'm willing to make sacrifices, but not compromise. A sacrifice is like, 'Get rid of it all together,' but I won't present a compromised idea to the public."

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And there's also his nine-song short film, "Runaway." "Every one of these songs is one of my kids, so now I have a whole piece that has at least nine of the songs on this boat... this visual boat."

Watch a preview!

"Runaway" sets sail Saturday, Oct. 23 on MTV, MTV2 and BET.