'Social Network' Star Armie Hammer Fooled the Critics

Actor Armie Hammer visited The Grove and talked with "Extra's" Mario Lopez about his role as twins in "The Social Network."

Through what he called "camera magic," Hammer played both Cameron and Tyler Winklevosses, twin brothers who attended Harvard with Facebook Co-Founder Mark Zuckerberg (played by Jesse Eisenberg) and successfully sued Zuckerberg for stealing their idea.

The best part? Hammer said he even fooled critics, who thought he really had a twin brother. "The best compliment I ever got was at the premiere. A reporter walked up to me and goes, 'Excuse me, I just wanna tell you that you are a fantastic actor. You did such a great job. Your brother, he overacts, but you did a great job!'" Hammer laughed. "I didn't even tell her 'cause I didn't wanna be the overactor. I was just, like, 'Thank you very much, that's so nice, I'll pass it on."

Box office hit "The Social Network" is currently playing in the theaters.