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Katherine Schwarzenegger Joins Mario at The Grove

"Extra's" Mario Lopez welcomed California's first daughter, Katherine Schwarzenegger, to The Grove, and talked with her about her famous dad, Gov. Arnold, her aspirations and being an author!

Schwarzenegger, 20, has a new book, "Rock What You Got," a roadmap for young women to navigate our beauty-obsessed world.

"I found out that only two percent of women in the world consider themselves to be beautiful," Schwarzenegger said. "I thought this was shocking and so disturbing. It kind of fueled me even more to wanting to write this book. I would really just tell girls to kind of find the positive things."

What about diets? "Hate them! Really don't like the word 'diets'! I think that you know instead of saying I'm gonna go on a diet or something, just make it your lifestyle to eat healthy and exercise."

When asked about her job aspirations, she spoke of her mother, Maria Shriver, saying, "I kind of liked my mom's job a lot so you know so journalism, yeah."

The conversation turned to Katherine's dad and his recent cameo in "The Expendables." Would Katherine be happy to see him back on the big screen after his California governorship? "I think it would be cool. I'm happy with him doing whatever it is he wants to do and whatever makes him happy!"