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Aniston Turns It On for 'Switch'

"The Switch" star, Jennifer Aniston, wants to celebrate the various ways you can start a family.

"The world is changing and our options are so massive," Aniston told "Extra's" Terri Seymour. "The idea of family and what that looks like today is not necessarily what society wants to package. [They say] you can't have a kid unless it looks like this, and that's just not the case anymore. That sort of needs to be celebrated, and I think this movie really does that."

Aniston plays a woman who decides to have a baby via sperm donor. Aniston herself isn't necessarily ready to take that next step, but understands the process. "I think you always think about that stuff," she said. "I don't know if that would be the road I would take, quite honestly. But I've known so many women who have explored that option [of adoption] or gone through fertility exhaustion. As your life evolves and times change, you have all these different ways of looking at things, questions you ask yourself."

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Co-star Jason Bateman, who accidentally switches his sperm with the donor's in this film, is also starring with Aniston in the upcoming comedy, "Horrible Bosses."

"I play a sexually aggressive dentist... harrassing, predator-like," Aniston explained, laughingly adding, "The crazy part is with how much ease I am playing this part."

As for her recent homage to the legendary Barbra Streisand in a Harper's Bazaar photo shoot, Aniston gushed, "I just loved her voice. I just think of so many times after school I'd play it, or me and my mom (sic) driving to Jersey to go to the mall, blaring Barbara Streisand in the car. The best part was getting to meet her. She just sort of topped my ideal of what she would be like, thank God!"

"The Switch" opens in theaters Aug. 20.