Most Haunted Places to Visit Around the Globe

Boo! If you're looking for some exciting spots to visit while on vacation this summer and you enjoy being a little spooked, "Extra" has 15 of the most haunted places to visit!

From the famous Amityville House in NYC, to the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel (said to be haunted by the ghost of Marilyn Monroe), you're sure to get chills up down your spine in these eerie places!

Haunted Places to Visit

The Amityville House, Amityville, New York

As the story goes, on Nov. 13, 1974, Ronald Jr. ("Butch") DeFeo killed six members of his family in a house in Amityville, New York. DeFeo claims there were demonic forces in the home that drove him to murder. When new owners moved into the house at 112 Ocean Avenue later, they, too, experienced terrifying phenomenon, which spawned a best-selling novel and two films. The supernatural events were never substantiated, however, and DeFeo's lawyer later admitted that the story was a hoax.

Hotel Chelsea, New York City, NY

No two rooms are alike at this hotel. Dare to meet your neighbors and you probably won't find the typical "girl next door." Celebrity ghosts are known to haunt visitors.

Death Hole/Death Valley National Park, Death Valley, CA

Devil's Hole, inside Death Valley National Park, has kept investigators on their toes since the 1960s. Many believe it was due to a UFO crash, and three men went to the hole to look for more. One came back alive; the others vanished without a trace.

Alcatraz, San Francisco, CA

The infamous San Francisco Bay's prison, which was one of the notorious penitentiaries, known for its cold, dank cells, saw many murders, riots, and suicides during its 29 years of service. Now a national museum, it's said to be haunted, with tales of inexplicable sounds, cell doors closing on their own, disembodied screams, and scary apparitions.

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood, CA

When visiting Roosevelt Hotel, you may find yourself starring at Marilyn Monroe's unforgettable reflection in the lobby mirror. She is said to haunt this Hollywood landmark, which she stayed at many times.

The White House, Washington D.C.

Who would have thought one of the most famous places to live could actually be haunted? But indeed The White House, home to the U.S. presidents since 1789, hasseen untold tragedy through the centuries. It was burnt down in 1814 by British troops and saw several presidents' either attempted or accomplished assassinations, spawning many tales of ghosts. Abraham Lincoln is probably the most well-known ghost, who is said to still roam the halls.

Hotel La Fonda, Santa Fe, NM

Under La Pazuela Restaurant in Hotel La Fonda lives a ghost from over 150 years ago. Be careful of the gunshots -- you never know where the spirit will be aiming in this Old Western fortress.

Roswell, New Mexico

Was it a weather balloon or an alien aircraft that fell from the sky in Roswell in the 1950s? Better known as Area 51, Roswell, New Mexico, has long been the center of supposed extraterrestrial activity, attracting UFOs enthusiasts year round.

Logan Inn, New Hope, PA

The ghost of a little girl waits in the parking lot to greet all visitors, a Revolutionary War soldier wanders in the hotel's tavern, and those unlucky guests who sleep in Room 6 will meet Emily, the mother of a former owner of the building.

Nazca Lines, Peru, South America

Nazca Lines can be found on the arid plains of the Peruvian Desert. According to Nazca legend, gods with odd, elongated skulls came from the sky, and Nazcas copied the gods and put boards around newborn babies' heads so the skulls would grow into a long shape. Ouch.

Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England

Who built Stonehenge? That's the mystery question. How was this massive monument constructed 10,000 years ago?

The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, CO

It is said that the British 4th Earl of Dunraven is seeking revenge on those who drove him out of his once owned land. Spirits are known for taking over guests bodies, driving them to speak in tongues.

The Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, CA

In 1881, Sarah Winchester, the widow of famous gun maker Oliver Winchester, became convinced the evil spirits of all the people killed by Winchester rifles were out to get her. Acting on a psychic's advice, she added rooms to her house, so as to confuse the ghosts trying to find her -- and she kept on adding for 40 more years, until her death in 1922. Today, the maze-like building remains a popular tourist attraction, a bizarre monument to superstition and paranoia.

Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA

This haunted ocean liner contains numerous ghosts, including ghostly children playing by the pool and the spirit of a 17-year-old sailor killed while escaping a fire. Ghost hunters love staying on this floating hotel.

Saint Augustine Lighthouse, St. Augustine, Florida

Ghost stories about the lighthouse intrigued visitors for decades. Legend says three little girls died on the construction site, while playing with a rail car. When the car spun out of control, the girls were drowned in the water below. Now, visitors can hear a female crying, "Help me!" inside the tower, as well as mysterious lights and footsteps.