Lifechangers: The Effects of Ambien

Lindsay Lohan takes Ambien, even while she's in jail, and Rachel Uchitel admitted she and Tiger Woods would take it before sex.

"Extra" Lifechanger Dr. Zeev Kain, a pediatrician and anesthesiologist who specializes in sleep therapy, gives some explanation about the drug's effects and long-term use.

"Ambien is a very effective medication to go to sleep and remain asleep for seven to eight hours, however, it does have some side effects, ones you simply don't remember. You can theoretically go on a drive, go prepare a meal, have sex and never remember that you actually did that. But at the time, you'll look perfectly awake. This is defined as sleepwalking."

Dr. Kain cautioned, "That's why the recommendation is don't take Ambien unless you have about seven to eight hours ahead of you in your bed. Take it, go to bed, stay there."

As for the use of the drug to enhance your love life, Dr. Kain says, "There's no data to indicate that Ambien stimulates your libido or your sense of hunger."

Is it addictive? "The drugs we use to treat insomnia can be addictive. Ambien is certainly addicting if you use it for more than two weeks. And it's psychologically addicting and physiologically addicting, which means that both your psyche gets used to it, and you can't fall asleep anymore without it. Your body actually starts needing it when it's time to go to sleep."