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'Extra' Has Bieber Fever

Everywhere Justin Bieber goes, throngs of screaming fans follow -- and "Extra" was there to catch all the excitement!

Backstage at the Usher concert in London, "Extra" talked with the teen singing sensation, who was making a guest appearance.

"I'm crashing Usher's set!" Bieber told "Extra". "It's amazing. [Usher is] incredible. He's definitely helping me be the artist I am. It's great to be out there with him."

Usher feels the same about Justin. "Man, if I haven't told you already, I'm so proud of you," Usher told Bieber. "Keep killin' em out there. I told you that as long as you wanted this, it would happen. And it's happening. But this is only the beginning. As long as you stay focused and keep your mind on what matters, which is the music, you'll go all the way."

And what is Bieber doing after the concert? "I'm jumping on a jet right to the Bahamas." Was that a surge in Bahamian tourism we just heard?