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Al and Tipper Gore: What Went Wrong?

In a marriage that seemed so stable, why are Al and Tipper Gore separating after 40 years together?

When "Extra" talked to the Gores back in the day, things were rosier. Al confessed, "Tipper helps keep my feet on the ground." Tipper added, "We still love each other. We're still in love, putting family and our relationship first. Sometimes people forget to do that."

What was their secret then in staying together? "Honestly, I think it's good communication," Tipper explained. "That's always extremely important, and not giving up. I mean everybody has rough times

"Extra" Lifechanger psychologist Dr. Stan Katz is not surprised. "Who we chose 40 years ago is not who we choose today."

"We make certain couples into icons," Katz continued. "And we try to emulate them, but we really don't know what's going on privately with them."

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Privately the Gores have fought many battles, including their son's high-profile arrest and Tipper's clinical depression.

"The way you relate to your partner is going to be based on your emotionality and your moods," said Katz. "And if you're depressed, it's going to be very hard to have a positive warm relationship with someone."