Since she left "Grey's Anatomy," Katherine Heigl tells "Extra's" Jerry Penacoli that it's hard for her to watch the show.

"I feel really outta the loop. There was a time when I knew the storylines before they aired and there was a time when I was present in these scenes or these storylines -- and Alex moving on is very difficult for me," said Heigl.

The actress also tells Jerry that she's a little jealous and feels like she's "missing the party." "I kinda had to just take a step back... The beauty is I can always buy the season on iTunes, when I feel there's enough distance," Katherine said while laughing.

Katherine recently adopted a baby girl from Korea with musician husband Josh Kelley, and was overcome with emotion remembering the moment she found out she was about to become a mom.

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"They told us that it was a little girl and she was born the day before me, and I was like, 'Oh my God,' this is crazy," she said. "Then they told us that she had a condition and wanted us to be sure we were comfortable taking a child that had this medical condition and I just went, are you kidding?"

Her daughter Naleigh's condition was a heart defect that required open heart surgery. Baby Naleigh is doing well and is "100%," says Heigl.