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The Dangers of Plastic Surgery

Stars like Heidi Montag publicly celebrate their plastic surgery transformations, but the recent nip/tuck scare for Mexican singer Luis Miguel puts a spotlight on the very real dangers of plastic surgery.

"Extra" Lifechanger Dr. Randal Haworth has a theory on what may have happened to Miguel.

"Maybe they went inside the intestine," Dr. Haworth explains, "and as we know, the intestine is full of bacteria and suddenly you've got bacteria released into your bloodstream."

What do you need to know before you consider getting plastic surgery?

"Even if you dot all your i's and cross all your t's and you go to the best surgeons in the world, there still are risks," says Dr. Haworth, adding, "But when plastic surgery is performed by fully certified board plastic surgeons in qualified surgical centers, the risks are far, far, far more minimized."

Watch the video in which Dr. Haworth answers more of your questions!