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Aniston and Butler Have "Perfect" Chemistry

"Bounty Hunter" stars Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler have some mad attraction going on between them.

In a recent interview with "Extra," Aniston and Butler engaged in some canoodling and fun banter, and "Extra" just had to know what was going on between them. "We're married and have kids," Aniston joked. "And what else do we have? A house in Scotland?

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They are promoting their new film "The Bounty Hunter," in which Aniston, as a journalist on the run from the law, tries to escape from Butler, who plays her ex-husband assigned as a bounty hunter to bring her back.

They both admitted that their chemistry on camera was "perfect," but that working with such as an "ugly" guy as Butler was so difficult for Aniston. "It's so hard, I got to tell you, I suffered through somehow, and I had someone off camera that was staggeringly gorgeous, so I could believe what I was saying."

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"Listen, she had to do weeks and weeks of auditioning for that role to find someone better looking than me," Butler added. "It wasn't easy!"

All kidding aside, the two have developed a very special friendship. "We have, and it's special and that doesn't always happen. He is one of the sweetest guys," Aniston gushed. "Truly one of the sweetest guys and that's what's endearing about him -- he's a guy and he's also got a heart," as she grabbed at his heart.

"The Bounty Hunter" opens in theaters this Friday.