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Tiger Woods Learning Center is Still Operating

tiger woods

Despite Tiger Woods' numerous infidelities, the golf star has made sure his learning center in Anaheim, Calif. is still in session.

Woods has kept a low profile for the past month, but reached out to Greg McLaughlin, head of the Tiger Woods Foundation, to discuss the learning center, reports AP.

"He specifically wanted to talk about the foundation and his dedication and commitment to the kids we served..." McLaughlin told the Associated Press. "We feel pretty confident we're in a good place right now."

The learning center buses in fifth-graders every morning for a weeklong stay, with their mission to help children with classes and how their choices can lead to a career. Students have the opportunity to learn math, science and technology.

The Tiger Woods Foundation continues to fund the learning center that was founded 14 years ago, but AP reports that continued funding at current levels may depend on Woods' future golf earnings.

Tiger is currently receiving treatment at a sex rehabilitation clinic in Mississippi.

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