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Lindsay Lohan 'Grateful' to Give Back

lindsay lohan

Lindsay Lohan, who recently returned from a humanitarian trip to India, tells "Extra" she's "grateful" to be blessed with enough to help.

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Lindsay says, "I think its so important right now -- especially [because of] what just happened in Haiti -- for everybody to kind of look at themselves and look at the life that they have and be really grateful for what they have and do as much as they can... especially if they have a voice."

"It was amazing," Lohan says of her India trip. "It was really life-changing. It was a wonderful experience."

"Extra" caught up with Lindsay at In Style's Golden Globes party -- and she revealed her highlight from the awards show.

"Drew Barrymore," Lindsay says. "I just love her so much. Her speech was so genuine and I just thought it was beautiful."

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Lohan, decked out in a hooded dress made by a friend, got her style inspiration from one of the music industry's leading ladies.

"I feel a little bit like Lady Gaga with the hood," Lindsay says. "I love her."

The actress recently wrapped her new film, "Machete," co-starring Robert De Niro and Jessica Alba. "I have movie coming out called 'Machete' with Robert Rodriguez, who was the director -- so I'm very excited for that."

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