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Lady Gaga 'Felt Like a Freak' in School

Lady Gaga wasn't always embraced for her eccentric personality.


"I didn't fit in in high school and I felt like a freak," the singer says in an appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" to air Friday. "So I like to create this atmosphere for my fans where they feel like they have a freak in me to hang out with and they don't feel alone."

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Gaga -- who just released "The Fame Monster" -- says "this is really who I am and it took a long time to be okay with that. Because I'm sure you all... Maybe in high school you, Ellen, you [felt] discriminated against.

"Like you don't fit in and you want to be like everyone else, but not really, and in the inside you want to be like Boy George. Well, I did anyway," she goes on. "So I want my fans to know that it's okay. Sometimes in life you don't always feel like a winner but that doesn't mean you're not a winner. You want to be like yourself...."

Gaga also says she wrote a tune for her dad.

"He had open-heart surgery. He had an aortic valve transplant. I was on the road and I was having a lot of trouble missing my parents and wanting to be with my dad," she says. "So I wrote this song called 'Speechless' for him to sort of beg him to get this surgery and it worked."