Mario's Great Puppy Hunt!

Mario's Great Puppy Hunt!

"Extra" host Mario Lopez is looking for a new best friend -- and he's enlisting your help to decide what kind of pooch he should get!

"I've been thinking about adopting a dog for many years now. Even though I have a very busy schedule I feel now is definitely the right time to finally get a dog," Mario said. "I'm really excited about all the help 'Extra' will give me through this campaign to help me make the right choice."

When Mario's desire for canine companionship was brought to light, "Extra" executives thought it was a perfect opportunity enlist viewer help. "When Mario started to talk about wanting to get a dog he mentioned that he would definitely need some help with this decision. Both Mario and I thought it would be a fun and entertaining way to incorporate his search into the show," said "Extra" Senior Supervising Producer Lisa Gregorisch-Dempsey.

She added, "We are working with a wide-range of pet organizations like the Humane Society, North Shore Animal League, American Kennel Club, enlisting expertise of the country's top pet experts, celebrities and other dog owners from around the country to offer their tips and suggestions to help Mario decide about the type of dog he should get. We are also hoping that this campaign will help find homes for hundreds or even thousands of needy dogs across the country."

For the next five months, "Extra" will follow Mario's journey with weekly segments that will cover a range of topics from Mario and "Extra" meeting with pet organizations, companies, experts, shelters, animal destinations and events.

Check out Mario's puppy page for more information on how you can help him find the perfect pooch!