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Fiore Killed in Jealous Rage?

Did Ryan Jenkins' kill Jasmine Fiore in a jealous rage? This theory is getting more attention since news broke that Fiore met with ex-husband Michael Cardosi just days before she was murdered.


The Vancouver Sun reports Fiore picked up Cardosi from a jail in San Diego to celebrate his release, and a few days later the model's body was found mutilated in an Orange County dumpster. Jenkins was the only suspect at the time.

Jenkins' aunt believes her nephew wasn't on the run. Linda Jenkins tells CBS' "The Early Show," "The whole time he was in contact with police." She says the media is to blame for his suicide. "He was terrified beyond belief," she says. Adding, "It just seemed to push him over the edge."

Police tell "Extra" a very different story. The police did talk to Ryan Jenkins when Jasmine Fiore went missing, but after the model's body was found it became a murder case -- and Jenkins fled.