Top Tweets of Week

Katy Perry looks back at the days when Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were an item and Miley Cyrus slams boyfriend rumors this week via Twitter!

Top Tweets of Week (August 16 - 22)

Katy Perry

Perry reminisced about fashion statements from the 2001 American Music Awards, “Speaking of getting back together, I wish Brit & JT were still 2gether wearing that matching denim outfit.”

Ellen DeGeneres

DeGeneres joked about her wife, “Celebrity sighting of the day: Portia de Rossi, eating lunch in my kitchen!”

Ryan Seacrest

Seacrest was down in Atlanta for “American Idol” auditions and interviewed “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast on his radio show. Ryan tweeted, “Had the most HEATED interview w/ Housewives of Atlanta this morn. Nene & Kim GO AT IT… got uncomfortable in room.”

Miley Cyrus

Cyrus responded to romance rumors, “Dumb blogs. I do not have a boyfriend. Stop wasting your time making up lies. I would be so depressed if that was my reason to breathe.” She added, “All I want to know is who ARE these ‘sources’? Who is the ‘insider’. I am sure their parents are VERY proud HA. They are professional liars.”

Debi Mazar

Mazar tweeted about adjusting to the constant filming for “Dancing with the Stars,” “NOT used to being on camera as myself… this is so strange!! especially during a rehearsal… i wish i spoke Russian, so I’d have some privacy!”