Kathy Griffin's Alaskan Date

"D-List" star Kathy Griffin held hands and canoodled with her unusual date, Bristol Palin babydaddy Levi Johnston, at the Teen Choice Awards in Universal City on Sunday.


Griffin, 48, joked that she's the 19-year-old unwed father. "Long-distance relationships are not easy, especially when he's in his igloo and I'm in my Hollywood tower," she told Us Weekly.

Johnston was in town for a Vanity Fair photo shoot and let his date do most of the talking, but did say, "I just, you know, look at her, shut up and do what I'm told."

Griffin said she has yet to visit Johnston in Alaska, but she has performed there in the past.

"I played a Rosie [O'Donnell] lesbian cruise there and I'm pretty sure Levi wasn't on that cruise. I mean, I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure Levi is not kicking it with the lesbian cruises," she said.