20 Things You Never Knew about the Jonas Brothers

Did you know Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas grew up in New Jersey, but each was born in a different state? "Extra" has the scoop about the singing siblings you can't get enough of!

20 Facts about the Jonas Brothers

The Bros Break the Charts

Jonas Brothers now have two #1 debuts within a ten month period. The last act to have two #1 debuts within a year was Jay-Z — in December 2006 and November 2007.

They Always Have a Friend to Call On

The Jonas Brothers have 1.2 million Facebook friends and 1.3 million MySpace friends.

They Cover The Issues

In 2008, the Jonas Brothers’ Rolling Stone magazine cover was that year’s bestselling issue.

Who Influences Them?

The brothers say their writing reveals a lifetime of influences; everything from My Chemical Romance to the Backstreet Boys to Weird Al Yankovic (with whom the band recently shared the stage at New Jersey's Bamboozle Festival).

Whats His Name?!

Kevin's first name is actually Paul.

Kevin Rolls Over the Competition

Aside from playing the guitar, Kevin loves to bowl.

Kevin Chows Down

Kevin's favorite food is sushi!

His Sporting Event!

Kevin's favorite sport is pole vaulting.

Monkeying Around

Nick's Chinese astrological sign is Monkey.

"Ain't Nothin' But a Hound Dog"

Nick has a dog named Elvis.

Joe Gets His Kicks

Joe's favorite hobbies include making movies, jogging and working out.

"Hey Mr. Tambourine Man"

Joe can also play the piano and tambourine.

Joe Has a Sweet Side

Joe's favorite ice cream is Chocolate Marshmallow.

Batter Up!

Joe's favorite sport is wiffle ball.

A 4th Jonas Brother?!

The Jonas Brothers have a younger brother, Frank aka Frankie.

All Over the Map!

Each Jonas Brother was born in a different U.S. state; Kevin in New Jersey, Joe in Arizona and Nick Jonas in Texas.

Nick's Important Hair Cut

Nick Jonas was discovered while singing in a hair salon.

The Great White Way

Both Nick and Joe have acted in Broadway productions.

Beating the Odds

Nick Jonas was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2005 and now workswith the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

School's Out for Summer!

The Jonas Brothers were all home-schooled by their mother, Denise Jonas.