Peter Facinelli Wins Twitter Bet!

"New Moon" star Peter Facinelli won the Twitter bet he talked about with "Extra" -- and his friend Rob DeFranco was forced to dance around Hollywood in a bikini!

Peter, who plays Dr. Carlisle Cullen in the "Twilight" series, bet Rob he couldn't get 500,000 Twitter followers -- and said if he lost, he'd have to give Rob his "Twilight" director's chair. Well, everyone's favorite vamp won -- and Rob danced down Hollywood Blvd. to Beyoncé's hit "Single Ladies" as gaggles of giggling girls gawked.

As a thanks to fans, Peter signed autographs at the Affliction clothing store on Tuesday. Affliction donated $10,000 to the Christopher Reeve Foundation on behalf of Peter's all-atwitter fans. The "Twilight" director's chair was later given to a lucky fan in a free online drawing.