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Fawcett: Why I Called the FBI

Farrah Fawcett opens up about her cancer

Farrah Fawcett shares her battle against cancer in the documentary "Farrah's Story," where she reveals she called the FBI after her private medical information was leaked.

Farrah explains she called in the feds to expose the medical information leak to the tabloids and to stop all the lies being printed about her. "They told me to stop all my vigilante behavior," she said of authorities.

"Extra" has also learned that the "Charlie's Angel" star learned the identity of the woman who leaked her medical records, but backed off from public confrontation when she learned that the medical worker, too, had cancer. The woman responsible for the leak died last weekend.

Fawcett's longtime love Ryan O'Neal opened up about her struggle with the disease, and how their son Redmond was recently allowed to visit Farrah despite his incarceration on a drug arrest. Redmond arrived at the hospital wearing chains. "They unfastened him," Ryan said. "When he went in to her I said, 'Don't rattle your chains' -- she just held him."

Fellow "Angel" Jaclyn Smith recently told "Extra" that Farrah will continue to fight her cancer. "She just has this magic," Jaclyn said, "You fight -- and that's what she's doing more beautifully that anyone I've seen."

"Farrah's Story" airs Friday on NBC.