Jewel: Melissa Comment Not a 'Catty Girl Versus Girl Thing'

Jewel defends comments about Melissa Rycroft

After commenting about the fairness of Melissa Rycroft's continuation in the "Dancing with the Stars" competition, Jewel is defending herself against the backlash of criticism she's received.

"I can't believe my comment on Ty's website got so mangled," Jewel writes on her blog about the original comments she made on her hubby's blog. (He's Melissa's competition.) " I like Melissa and think she's gifted (and a real Texas sweetheart), and I adore Steve-O. My comment had nothing to do with either of them."

The singer continues, "My comment was on a sports website about a rule I have never seen in any type of competition before. Name another sport where if you can't compete, they use your score from practice... If Ty were in the same position, I'd still ask the same thing."

Jewel then defends her character in the blog, writing, "I am not a mean-spirited person, and I think all my fans know that. Ty and I have fallen in love with all the contestants, and are in awe of how hard they all work. I can tell you that whoever wins this competition will have earned it, as I see firsthand how incredibly hard they all work."

"This isn't a catty girl versus girl thing [gossip blogs] are trying to make it into," Jewel concludes, adding, "neither I nor Melissa are like that."