'Talent' Judges Split over Boyle's New 'Do!

simon cowell piers morgan on susan boyle's look

Singing sensation Susan Boyle debuted a fresh look on Friday -- and "Extra" is the first with "Britain's Got Talent" judges Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan for their reaction to Susan's makeover!

"First of all, she's a woman," Cowell says. "Here's somebody who's now one of the most famous people in the world with a lot of people saying you don't look very good... I don't think it's [a makeover] necessary though, because I think what matters is the person inside, not how she looks now."

Simon continues, "I just want her to take this opportunity, sing fantastically and make the most of the biggest opportunity she's been given in her life -- and I genuinely don't care about how she looks."

Morgan reveals that he likes Susan's updated appearance! "She's like me -- improving with her looks every day. I say good luck to her. If she wants to stay the same or have a nice haircut, cut her eyebrows, wear some better clothes, what woman in the world if you go from anonymity to becoming the most photographed person on the planet, wouldn't go and have a new haircut?"

When asked whether or not her fan base will like her new locks, Piers responded, "Yes. As long as there's no plastic surgery and no Simon Cowell teeth, then I think we'll all be comfortable with it."

Last week, Boyle admitted to "Extra" that she had a soft spot for Piers -- and the judge isn't surprised by Susan's admiration! "She went with where I think most of America would go. She went with the looks, the charm, the manners. She went for the hot young thing... Simon, she likes you. She said that -- but she fancies me." He adds, "We now have the biggest star on the planet who's publicly stated she fancies me more than Simon. I don't think my life can get any better than that. It's time to quit show business. I can quit now, happy."