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Zac Efron Gets Dirty with Nude Model!

From "High School Musical" to "Hairspray," Zac Efron has become every teenaged girl's dream boy -- and now he's getting down and dirty with a nude model in Interview magazine!


Efron made his name with kid-friendly movies, but the Disney prince is ready to move on to more adult projects. "You know, everything I've done in the past has felt very safe, and it was great for a while, but now I'm looking for a place to take chances," Efron confesses in the new issue of Interview magazine. "I want to play with things."


Zac is ready for chances -- but he's not sure that the Hollywood big wigs know who he is! "Most of the directors I'd want to work with don't even know who I am," he admits. "Their daughters might."

For more of Zac's interview, check out the April issue of Interview magazine.