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Paris on Beau Doug: He's Such a Gentleman!


Heiress Paris Hilton celebrated her birthday this past weekend in Las Vegas -- and couldn't stop gushing to "Extra" about her new boyfriend, "Hills" star Doug Reinhardt!

"Doug and I became friends about a year ago and we continued talking and hanging out. And now we just got back from Tokyo... He's such a gentleman." The birthday girl adds, "So sweet and nice and elegant and smart and fun. I'm just really happy that he's here."

Hilton also opened up on news that best friend Nicole Richie is expecting her second child with Joel Madden -- and she hopes it's a boy! "I think it's exciting. I've known that since she was a little girl she always said she wanted to have five kids, so I think it's great they're adding a new one to the family." Paris continued, "Nicole loves kids. It's what she's always wanted."