Octomom: Newfound Fame a 'Nightmare'


A hooded and sunglassed Nadya Suleman attempted to do what multiple moms do -- shop at Target -- and was bombarded by paparazzi!

The mother of 14 has been on the receiving end of media flack and even death threats since the controversial birth of her octuplets. Security had to usher the 33-year-old in and out of the store.

Shutterbugs may soon be the least of Suleman's worries -- new reports today suggest that Octomom may be stressed at the possibility of losing her home, due to 10 months of an unpaid mortgage.

Nadya describes the media attention as a "nightmare." People magazine's Patrick Rogers tells "Extra," "With all of the stress of the reporters around her, she's basically waiting this out -- hoping that next week there won't be as many reporters outside her house as there are this week." Suleman also revealed that she's turning to a greater strength to help deal with her overnight notoriety.

Suleman recently stated that she hasn't had a date for a while, and won't be dating anytime soon. "Extra" turned to "Millionaire Matchmaker" Patti Stanger to get the dish on who Nadya should be hooked up with!

"It's a tough case, a tough sell," Stanger tells "Extra" of Suleman. "There's nothing I can do for her at this point unless she finds a guy who owns an orphanage." She adds, "The key is, you have to find somebody else who does the Brady Bunch thing with them -- otherwise men don't want women who have 5, 6, 7 kids, let alone 14."

Tell "Extra" -- Do you think that Nadya is dateable?

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