Extreme Makeover: Home Edition -- On Fire!

Only "Extra" was on the set of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" when a fire broke out during filming. Billy Ray Cyrus was set to perform for the show at Boulder Creek Ranch in Hesperia, California when a fire started.

An "Extra" producer on-site noticed smoke pouring out of the roof of the home on the ranch. The home is located next to the pavilion where Cyrus was set to perform. A spokesperson told everyone to immediately leave the pavilion and go to the parking lot.

The flames appeared to be 15 feet, and evacuees stood in pouring rain watching the house burn down. The "Extra" producer says the "Home Makeover" crew thought Cyrus was in the house when the fire started. The singer was using the residence as his dressing room.

Soon after, police helicopters began flying overhead and everyone was instructed to leave the premises.

ABC released a statement to "Extra" saying, "A chimney fire broke out tonight during an "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" shoot at a secondary location where crowds gathered for a Billy Ray Cyrus concert. There were no injuries and all spectators were safely evacuated. The cast and crew wish to express their sincere compassion to Jim and Gail Hasty, who were kind enough to host the concert at their Boulder Creek Ranch property and lost their lodge in the fire."