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Super Bowl's Single Gal

Author and comedienne Amy Borkowsky is attempting to raise 3 million bucks so she can place a personal ad during the Super Bowl. Online relationship sites aren't gonna cut it!

"I used to work in advertising... I wrote commercials, so I know these things work if you want to sell a product and think I have a pretty good product here," she told "Extra." Is she truly desperate? Amy says, "I'm definitely not desperate... I can find dates... been through the dating mill and tried online dating sites."

When asked about her dating history, she said, "I did all the obvious things to meet people. Last Valentine's Day I actually went to a single's Valentine's party. I figured I had to try something different." She added, "I once had a blind date with a guy who I had broken up with a year earlier."

Even if Borkowsky finds love prior to February's Super Bowl telecast, she claims, "The only way you're not going to see me on the Super Bowl is if you happen to go to the bathroom during the commercial."

When asked which qualities she looks for in a man, she responds, "I'm trying to keep open... thought I knew but I'm still single... he has to have a good heart, good head on his shoulders."

As to how much money she's raised on her site, www.superbowlsinglegirl.com, she tells Calloway that, "So far I've raised over $1,100... in this economy I really appreciate anything that people give. Times are hard. Keeping my fingers crossed."

Borkowsky reveals her dream celebrity date, saying, "David Hasselhoff seems like such a sweet guy... like he has a zest for life, like he would have a good heart. That's what I'm looking for!"

Watch "Extra" on Monday, October 27th for more with Amy!

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