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Sarah Palin's 'SNL' Debut

Tina Fey had a special guest during her Sarah Palin spot on "Saturday Night Live" -- the Alaska governor herself!

Sarah was featured watching Fey spoof her in a mock press conference, standing with "SNL" Executive Producer Lorne Michaels. "30 Rock" star Alec Baldwin also appeared in the skit, calling Palin "that horrible woman" and "Caribou Barbie."

While prepping for her appearance, Sarah told reporters she was excited for the guest spot, saying, "The opportunity to show American television watchers anyway that you get to have a sense of humor through all of this or even just this really would be wearin', tearin' on you, so an opportunity to show that sense of humor and that side of all of this I look forward to it."

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Video courtesy NBC.com.