Who's the Next First Lady of Fashion? Vote!

The choices are have been made and the battle is on -- for First Lady of Fashion! And it's time to vote!


Cindy McCain's Oscar de la Renta dress cost $3,000, but it was her spectacular 3-karat diamond earrings, which cost a whopping $280,000, that are making news. Cindy, a liquor heiress worth an estimated $100 million, also wore a pearl necklace with a $25,000 price tag. But hey, if you're not going to bust out your best jewelry when your husband is nominated for President, when will you?

The price of Michelle Obama's lovely Maria Pinto green dress is a closely guarded secret, but a coat in the collection retails for $2,300, and Michelle's pin was pretty, but clearly wasn't from Tiffany & Co.