Batman Blockbuster Busts Box Office

Boffo! The caped crusader is back -- and he's annihilated the box office with a record-breaking opening weekend. "The Dark Knight" -- the latest installment in the Batman franchise -- earned an estimated $155.3 million in ticket sales for its opening weekend, reports Exhibitor Relations.

The blockbuster received heaps of praise from critics, most notably for the late Heath Ledger's eerie portrayal of Batman's nemesis, the Joker. Hollywood is buzzing with rumors that Ledger will receive a posthumous Oscar nod -- a suggestion that doesn't surprise his co-stars of "Dark Knight." At the NY premiere, actor Aaron Eckhart told "Extra" that Heath's performance was Oscar-worthy. "It wouldn't surprise me one bit," said Eckhart. "He deserves it."

Catch Batman and Joker's latest battle in "The Dark Knight," in theatres now.

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