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Madge's Brother Tells All!

Her meteoric rise -- her men -- and the endless controversy surrounding Madonna is about to pop in her brother Christopher's new tell-all. From the A-Rod allegations to Guy alienating his sister from him, Ciccone is dishing everything to "Extra."

"The issue with Guy was my influence with her -- and I had a great deal," Ciccone said. "Once he got in there, I think he realized it was either me or him." Things were so tense that he claims his A-list sib had to blackmail him to come to her wedding!

Christopher also weighed in on his sister's controversy with slugger A-Rod. While Ciccone doesn't believe the two were intimate, he did say, "I think that anything is possible -- he's kind of her type."

The most painful thing about his broken relationship with Madge? "She assumed the very worst of me," said Chris. "The fact is that I knew her very well, and in the end -- she doesn't know me at all."

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