Jerry's Blog: A "Sex"y London Premiere

As I sit in London's Heathrow airport awaiting my flight to Nice, France, I wanted to catch you up on my latest red carpet romp: with Sarah Jessica, Kim, Kristen and, well, I'd like to say Cynthia, but she was rather missing-in-action on the carpet of her own world premiere. Oh, Ms. Nixon, if you please, was quite present (and when you spend a few days in England, you find yourself using the word 'quite' quite a bit), but for some strange reason, decided to diss most of the world press who attended.

Now, mind you, I was quite (there I go again) happy seeing the other young ladies, whom I've known for a long time, thanks to not just their HBO series which (finally) spawned this reunion movie, but because of their various movies they've made in the past.

And, by the way, if you're wondering whether I'm going to give away ANY of the Sex and the City plotlines here prior to the movie opening in the states... you got the wrong blogger... ;)

Back to the girls: they have been each and individually very kind to me in the past, in terms of being very generous with their time in interviews, and just downright open and honest with treating me like an 'old friend.' We're not friends, we never hang out off camera (while they are very friendly to me off-camera), but they have always treated me as if we have. And that's nice. It makes a huge difference when doing a show like mine.

Looking fantastically oh-so-fashionable in Leicester Square at the Odeon Theatre red carpet (you've seen the pictures by now, if you haven't check out our photo gallery on this site, or better yet, the red carpet piece that was put together for our show), the girls hopscotched between the world press outlets (I was sandwiched between Ireland and Spain) and their screaming, and I mean screaming fans... the Brits love their Sex!

And for you New Yorkers still feeling like a jilted lover? (because the world premiere wasn't there FIRST)... well, the girls get it. But they they also get the fact that movies need to open INTERNATIONALLY very BIG these days in order to make a profit, and, only my guess, that's why they decided to open in London. Not to mention, the rabid fans that the TV series has managed to produce in this very posh city.

So glad I was able to share in the moment with them. Off to the Cannes Film Festival now, and will fill you in on all of that madness very soon.