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Jimmy Kimmel and Madonna: Like a Virgin

Jimmy Kimmel just hit the milestone 1,000th episode of "The Jimmy Kimmel Show" -- and now he wants to bring things full circle. "I would love to have Madonna on the show," he told "Extra." "I lost my virginity to one of her videos. I was alone. It was me and the video."

"Extra" was with the man of the chat show hour as he celebrated, but getting there wasn't easy. "You had not just me, but a whole staff learning how to do a talk show. And nobody wanted to do the show. It was like every night -- Adam Carolla, Ben Stein, Sarah Silverman... Adam Carolla, Ben Stein... believe me, I love having them on, but it became like 'The Carol Burnett Show' and they were regulars."

Jimmy also admitted that the war against girlfriend Sarah Silverman and Matt Damon is far from over. When "Extra" showed Jimmy the hilarious new ad in Variety featuring Sarah and Matt, he joked, "This is an outrage. This is despicable. I got them fair and square with the Ben Affleck video and then they go and do this. And now we have to do something else. We will have to respond to this and retaliate."