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Spitzer's Call Girl Cashes In

The call girl at the center of the NY governor scandal, Ashley Youmans, may be in hiding -- but her music career is booming. Ashley aka Ashley Alexandra Dupre or Kristen -- may have already raked in $200,000 from online music downloads, reports the New York Post. "What We Want" and "Move Ya Body" hit music site Amie Street earlier this week, and the former is already on New York's Z100 playlist.

She's also been offered a cool million to take it off for Hustler - and that could be just the beginning. She may be in line for big money and movie deals.

Before Ashley became a high-priced hooker for The Emperor's VIP Club, she was just a teen from New Jersey. Her mother and her second husband -- an oral surgeon -- currently live the good life in a beautiful mansion, and despite her claims that she left "a broken home" at age 17, new reports say she crashed her stepfather's Porsche before she ran away.

Her ex-boyfriend, Frank Delour, now admits he couldn't figure out how Ashley was living the high life in her expensive Manhattan apartment, where studios go for $3,800 a month. "I didn't know how she was getting her money, paying her rent."