Nikki McKibbin Bares All to 'Extra'

A suicide attempt, a psych ward lockdown and a stripper scandal, no it's not the latest word from the NY Governor's mansion, it's season one "American Idol" contestant Nikki McKibbin opening up to "Extra" in an exclusive interview! And the fluorescently redheaded warbler wants to set the record straight.

Nikki insists that she wasn't sent to the psych ward in her hometown of Fort Worth, after a suicide attempt, saying, "I was hospitalized, but not because I tried to kill myself." McKibbin says that Star magazine's report was false, and the 911 call from her friends was because of her allergic reaction to pain medication.

Regarding the violent confrontation with police outside her home, Nikki admits to kicking and screaming her way into a squad car, but she told "Extra" she doesn't remember saying, "I want to be with my mom in heaven," as Star also reported. What she does remember is being the first "Idol" contestant with a stripper past, and she has some advice for David Hernandez who's now caught in the middle of a similar scandal.

"Don't let what people think about you ruin your life," Nikki says. Regarding Simon, the former "Idol" is not looking to be judged anymore, saying, "There are a lot of things I could tell him [Simon] but unfortunately you wouldn't be able to air them." Only her fans will be judging Nikki now, as she's continuing her music career with a new industrial metal album, "Unleashed."