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Whoopi Snubbed by Oscar?

"Extra" was at last night's Golden Mike event in New York City, where Barbara Walters went on the record about Whoopi Goldberg's Oscars montage snub. "She's wonderful. She's fine. She had a moment," Walters told us, adding, "I love Whoopi. She deserves an award every day."

Whoopi Goldberg was the first woman to host the Academy Awards (in 1994), but was omitted from the host montage during Sunday night’s broadcast, leaving the "View" co-host choked up yesterday, where she told her fellow yentas, "Undoubtedly, I pissed somebody off again."

Goldberg, 52, appeared in another montage showing fellow Oscar winners. She won for 1990’s "Ghost." Whoopi went on to host the Oscars again in ’96, ’99 and ’02.

Barbra Walters added that Steve Martin was also omitted from the host review. "We think you're a great host," Walters said, consoling her chat comrade.

The brilliant Elisabeth Hasselbeck suggested, "I think we should do our own montage of you to make up for it." Hasselback then got up from her seat and pecked both Walters and Whoopi on the cheek. It was unclear whether Whoopi was comforted.