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Writers' Strike Is Over

It’s official – the writers’ strike is over!

After three months of virtual standstill for the entertainment community, the Writers Guild of America voted overwhelmingly to make a deal with producers and get back to work.

A whopping 93 percent of the Guild voted in favor of a deal that would give them a piece of the profit from shows that run on the Internet. They’ll also receive residual payments for programs downloaded online.

That means that writers will pick up their pens for your favorite shows today!

The agreement comes as a huge relief for the entertainment community, already reeling from months of unemployment, the cancellation of the Golden Globes and fears about the future of the Academy Awards. In addition, the strike is said to have cost the American economy billions of dollars.

“At the end of the day, everybody won,” Les Moonves, CEO of CBS, announced. “It was a fair deal and one that the companies can live with.”

The 80th Academy Awards are expected to go on full steam ahead Feb. 24.

So when will your favorite shows return?

The New York Times has your answer here.