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Sam Lufti: Brit Had a 'Manic Episode'

Sam Lufti is telling X17online.com that a "manic episode" was behind Brit's hospitalization last night.

In a series of text messages purported to be from Sam, he writes, "Britney was suffering a mental breakdown...After today's visit [with a psychiatrist], the doctor felt Britney needed to be hospitalized."

She also "went willingly" to the hospital, according to Sam, and will stay there for "a few days at least."

He claims that the doctors at UCLA Medical Center are "refusing to get any info from Adnan [Ghalib] or the family" and are getting Britney's medical history from him. "They've requested my presence," he writes.

As for the reports that Britney's mom Lynne is arguing with Sam, he supposedly writes, "Lynne didn't want to go along with the doctor trying to get her help 'cause she was worried Britney would blame her for it. Britney learned that Lynne has been in contact with Adnan these past few weeks and was furious over that."