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Rachel Hunter: 'I Fight With Self Esteem'

Rachel Hunter may be a supermodel and one of the most recognizable faces in the world, but in many ways, she's just like every other woman on earth - she fights the weight war.

"I hate scales," Rachel says. "I do not like hopping on them."

Now she's opening up like never before about her struggle to balance her figure and other people's expectations.

"Honestly I have fought with self esteem and people look at you and go, 'Why?'" she confesses. "Some days you feel great about yourself and some days it's hard."

Rachel's teaming up with Slim Fast and she's hosting the Style Your Slim Fashion Show celebrating women who've lost between 20 and 200 pounds.

As for her own weight, Rachel says she refuses to starve herself to be thin.

"I can't do that ultra-thin diet. I like food too much," she admits. "I am really comfortable around 145 [pounds], that's pretty light for me, too. But really, 150 and people must go, 'Oh my God, that sounds so heavy!' I just love women who embrace what they've got."