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Brit and Photog Beau 'Happily Dating'

Britney Spears and her photographer boyfriend Adnan Ghalib are "happily dating," according to the photo agency he works for.

Finalpixx has been posting updates on the pair since last week, when Britney emerged from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and promptly escaped to Palm Desert with her beau. Since then, the two have been spotted everywhere from Malibu to Manhattan Beach. Yesterday, they escaped to Mexico for a one-day vacation.

The agency even photographed Ghalib, 35, hand-feeding whipped cream to Britney from a Starbucks cup.

"Should he choose to speak about Britney," the agency says, "he only has positive things to say about her and the time that they have spent together."

Ghalib, from England, is married. However, Finalpixx says he's "been separated from his wife for over a year."