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Britney Leaves Friend Behind at Gas Station

Yesterday, Britney Spears didn't show up to her court-ordered deposition because of a "medical condition." Several reports say the pop star was suffering from "high anxiety" after seeing the media frenzy outside her house.

But last night, cameras caught the troubled singer cruising around Los Angeles until the early morning hours.

A smiling Britney pulled into a gas station and told X-17 that she was "feeling better" as her friend pumped the gas. She even rolled down her window to look at pictures of herself on one paparazzo's camera, but called them "horrible."

Suddenly, Brit sped off, leaving the hapless friend behind! The woman stood in shock for several minutes as the pack of paparazzi waited for Britney to return. One cameraman even assured the woman, "Don't worry, she's coming back!"

Finally, Brit pulled her white Mercedes up to the gas station and opened the door for her. The two then sped off.