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Charlie Sheen: ‘A Summer Wedding It Is!’

Charlie Sheen is facing the toughest reporter yet – from his own fiancée, Brooke Mueller!

“Extra” gave Brooke the mic at the Planet Hollywood grand opening in Sin City this weekend, where she grilled Charlie on setting a date for their wedding.

“Hi baby!” she gushed as she shoved the microphone in his face. “Hi, sweetheart, how are you?” said a grinning Charlie.

“So, what's your favorite experience here at Planet Hollywood?” she asked. “My favorite experience at Planet Hollywood has to be this moment with you right here, right now,” said Charlie.

Then came the dreaded hard-hitting questions.

“I notice you're wearing jeans again, and my question is, how come you never wear the black pair of pants I gave you for your birthday?” Brooke asked, leaving Charlie to stammer, “I, I, I gave them away!”

“You gave away the pants that I gave you for your birthday?” she said. “I gave them to your brother,” Charlie shrugged.

Then Brooke got down to business. “Have you set a date yet for the wedding?” she asked.

Charlie explained, “I’m like, ‘Let's do this thing right now, let's do it yesterday, let's do it tomorrow!’ and you’re like, ‘No, no, let’s wait, let's make sure everything's in place because we don't want to do a fall wedding and get rained out.’”

“So what about a summer wedding?” she shot back. “Summer wedding? It sounds good to me. A summer wedding it is!” said Charlie.

“Ok, a summer wedding it is!” Brooke gushed.

Now that’s the way to make a wedding announcement – right here on “Extra!”