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A ‘Dancing Star’s’ Plastic Surgery Makeover

She’s got legs like a supermodel, a backside that rivals Jessica Biel’s and not an ounce of fat on her – so why would “Dancing with the Stars” hottie Karina Smirnoff want plastic surgery?

After having her nose broken twice, Karina decided to get it fixed by Beverly Hills plastic surgeon to the stars, Dr. Nicolov, and “Extra” was with Smirnoff every step of the way.

The surgery will fix the asymmetry of Karina’s nose, as well as the small bump on her bridge and the deviated septum, which will help when she is dancing.

“She can breath easier,” Dr. Nicolov told us. “She may find being a little less tired, a little less winded.”

But Karina got the jitters when she learned the surgery would require breaking the bone yet again.

“I excited and extremely nervous,” she admitted. “But I do want to go through with it. I think I’m ready.”

Karina will see results in three weeks. But it actually takes a year for the nose to set into place completely. Find out how Karina looks post-surgery, tomorrow on “Extra.”