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Britney Mows Down Cameraman for the Second Time

Britney Spears has hit a photographer with her car for the second time in one week, and the stress of the accident left her in tears.

As she struggled to leave the Beverly Center in her white Mercedes, she swiped a photographer as a crowd assembled around her car.

“I’m so sorry,” she said as she rolled down the window, clearly distressed.

Incredibly though, it was the photographer who did the apologizing!

The pap said, “Don’t be sorry. It was my fault,” insisting that he just got too close to her car.

Then as the chaos grew, Britney appeared to get lost in the parking garage and asked the photographers for help.

“What do I do?” she said as she realized she had to pay for parking. A cameraman kindly showed her what to do.

Before Britney drove away, the cameraman who she hit said, “At least I can say I got a nice little bruise from you.”

Britney was not amused – she appeared to break down in tears as she sped away.