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Rosie Furious as Her Book Has Major Blooper

Rosie O’Donnell is blasting the publishers of her new memoir, “Celebrity Detox,” because she received a copy of the book with a major mistake.

The inside flap of the book lists several important dates from Rosie’s life, but got them wrong!

On her official blog, she writes, “So i just got my first hard copy of my new book CELEBRITY DETOX there on the front flap in print ‘when rosie odonnells mother was diagnosed with cancer in 1968, ten year old rosie thought fame could cure her,’ i was born in 1962 my mother was diagnosed in 1973 WTF!”

The fuming former “View” co-host said she felt like screaming, typing, “this book has been more of a pain in the a** than it was worth.”

Her rage was made even worse by the fact that Rosie apparently couldn’t contact anyone about the flap.

But today on her blog she writes that the dates will be fixed.

“I feel anxious about it,” she writes, calling the process of writing a book “scary.”