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Paris: Heading to Rwanda for Charity?

When Paris Hilton finished her “traumatic” three-week jail sentence, she vowed she wouldn’t be the party girl she once was.

Now “Extra” can reveal that Paris really is reinventing herself, raising her voice for a charity organization that could take her overseas!

The socially-conscious socialite joined several stars at the International Philanthropic Summit Playing for Good event in Spain, where she traded her usual scandalous outfits for a long, flowing dress.

“I feel it's time to give back and I feel really lucky and blessed,” she said. “It's what I need to do.”

Paris, sporting a new, short ‘do, has been jet-setting around the world raising awareness for kids fighting cancer.

“There are children whose families can't afford maybe to get the medical care they need, and we should never put a price on someone's health or their life,” she said.

The foundation’s founder, Scott Lazerson, said Paris’ new passion for philanthropy is just the beginning.

“Our hopes are she’s going to go with us to Rwanda in November,” he told “Extra.”

But Paris won’t completely put aside her other passions.

Her new fashion line just hit Macy’s and Nordstrom, and she’s still maintaining her singing and acting career.

Paris has been cast in “Repo! The Genetic Opera,” which she describes as a "horror-musical" from the director behind the “Saw” franchise.

Paris also dropped a bombshell to “Extra,” revealing that she’s thinking family!

In five years, Paris sees herself “doing more philanthropy work and having my own children,” she revealed. “Just having my own family…three or four kids.”

Singer, saint and mother? It’s an all-new Paris.