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Star Jones: Bringing the 'Star' Treatment to Court TV

It has been a year since her unexpected departure from “The View,” and Star Jones is ready to show off her new self to the world!

The TV personality revealed more this morning about her gastric bypass surgery to ABC’s Diane Sawyer, and how she lost 160 pounds.

Star ballooned to a shocking 307 pounds, gaining 75 while she co-hosted “The View.”

The co-host’s decision to have the surgery came from her days as a prosecutor reading autopsy reports.

“They would describe the dead person as a 38-year-old morbidly obese woman,” Star revealed to “Extra.” “If I didn’t get control of my life, that's how I'd be described by whoever did my autopsy.”

But now, a slimmer Star is happier than ever, and she is looking forward to her new show on Court TV where she can show off her new attitude.

“I learned recently it's okay to be vulnerable,” Star revealed.

In fact, Star plans on discussing her surgery with her viewers.

“I'm going to be talking about that so my audience knows the whole story about me, instead of what's been written,” the talk show host said.

She also revealed that her softer side was often hidden on “The View.”

“When you are part of an ensemble, you fit into a particular role,” she said. “And I was sort of the professional diva. That's not what I have to be here.”

Star also said audiences can expect some fun from the new host.

“I am a nerd,” she admitted. “I want to bring that part of my personality, that I can be a cornball.”